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Branded Sports Bottles

There is a good chance that you’ve held a Tacx bottle in your hand at some point. Tacx works closely together with pro teams and professional triathletes to improve and develop products. According to their feedback, products are optimised and features are added.

Tacx bottles are the bottle of choice for a number of professional athletes across all sports due to their lightweight, ergonomic and timeless designs. The bottles are fitted with leak-proof lids to ensure they don´t let you down when you need to rehydrate.

Printed Sports Bottles
Customised Sports Bottles

If you´re looking for a team bottle with elegant lines and simple yet attractive designs, like many athletes, the Tacx range could be for you. The 360º rotary screen printing is unparalleled in it´s quality and finish, all at very competitive prices.  

Tacx bottles are used in all disciplines of sport, from Running, Football and Rugby to Yoga, Pilates and Swimming. After all, hydration is key to any athlete´s endurance and there is a bottle for every need in the Tacx range. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.

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